BlueFireFly® — is a newly patented communication system that helps increase additional goods sales

Take your brand’s communications with regular clients to the next level with the help of BlueFireFly®

BlueFireFly® for a Beauty salon

or a barbershop means that you get:

  • Concierge service!
    BlueFireFly® will greet each one of your customers through the mobile app or chatbot.
  • A tool to help you sell additional goods
    While a client waits for his or her appointment, BlueFireFly® can recommend various beauty products that they’re sure to love.
  • Notification system

    BlueFireFly® will notify the hairdresser that their client has arrived, so they have time to prepare.

  • Highspeed Wi-Fi

    Being online will make the waiting time fly by!

BlueFireFly® will suggest downloading your salons mobile app or signing up for your chatbot to any new customer signing on to your Wi-Fi network.

Integrating with your online booking system

The client signs up for an appointment using your mobile app or chatbot.
The client arrives to your salon. BlueFireFly® sends your client a welcome message, right to their app or chatbot, and reminds them of their appointment time and the name of the stylist they came to see.
BlueFireFly® notifies the stylist that their client has arrived.
​​By using BlueFireFly®, you will enrich your CRM system with additional data, as well as get Client IDs for targeted advertising on the Internet
How to Start Using BlueFireFly®
You must have a mobile app
or a chabot.
You must integrate your CRM System with BlueFireFly® communication channels.
You must then install BlueFireFly® software on your establishment’s Wi-Fi network.

If you do not yet have your own mobile app or chatbot, our partners will be happy to help you begin developing one!

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